Monday, July 8, 2013

What is it? A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Model 201-2

In the land of "StANkONia", I was chatting with another "Nerdy Seamstress" that marveled over the durability and quality of a Singer 201-2.

What is it?

Singer Sewing Machine Trademark and Serial Number

After a bit of research and being in much need of a heavy duty sewing machine, I decided I wanted to add one to my collection. 

So, let the "sewing machine hunt begin". I've searched mountain high and valley low to find this master piece. Mountains high, literally, covered with pouring rains, muddy roads, cows, goats, horses, and water springs! I admit, there are places in the land of "StANkoNia" that I've never knew existed and somehow they had exactly what I was searching for. 

Why is it so special? 

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine 201-2 

Serial Number AF444711 

Manufactured 1941 by The Singer Manufacturing Company

This machine was produced for 20 years and still is considered one of the best sewing machines Singer 
ever manufactured.

I plan to sew denim jeans and the stitching quality of this machine will be perfect! Although, you can sew fabrics as delicate silk or as ridged as bridled cow hide leather! 

Now, I will unveil my treasure... in all it's glory! ENJOY!

Horizontal rotary hook, the thread tension and the lever to lower and raise the foot. Notice the scrolling details on the end cover! 

Reverse and Adjustable Stitch Length Lever. You can also see the white light switch to the right! 

The Singer Light. Notice the white light switch on the front right to turn the power on the machine! 

 The thread spool pin. Notice the decorated base.

Electric Motor (Potted) on the back and the bobbin threading wheel on the front. Notice, no belts are used to drive the machine.

The Motor Drives the Machine with Spiral Gears

Feeddogs can be adjusted for free motion quilting! 

70 Years Later it still RUNS like NEW! Notice how quiet the machine runs...listen! 

The next time I blog about this fantastic piece of machinery, I will be working on a new pair of denim jeans! 

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  1. Very nice did you do the restoration your self