Monday, July 15, 2013

Sewing and Tailoring for Men and Boys

Sewing For Men and Boys
Simplicity's How-to-Book of illustrated Sewing Techniques and Wardrobe Guide is a great resource for tailoring men's clothing.

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Sewing for Men, the idea I found a bit intimidating at first. I noticed that guides for tailoring for men are few and far between. So, I get excited when I find vintage books that lay out all the details for tailoring for men.

I read in another sewing book that sewing men's clothing is not much different and considered easier because women have more body contours. So, that made me feel a bit less intimidated!  YaY! 

 Here is a closer look at this RARE How-To-Book for tailoring for men and boys. ENJOY! 

This book is loaded with details on bow ties, belt loops, shirts, collars, pockets, tailored jackets, cuffs, waistbands, alterations, inner fabrics...and more! 

The styles were sophisticated and the tailoring impeccable!  The inner fabrics are definitely the difference when tailoring! It's EVERYTHING! 

How to make and tie bow tie is a must for any man! 

Traditional tailoring of men's jackets. Every details of the inner layers to the outer layers and including how to properly fit a men's jacket.

Collars of mens shirt must be impeccable and sharp! 

Cuffs are sure to get much attention with a great pair  cuff links! 

I have this book in my personal collection and feel a bit more confident about sewing mens clothes. But, I admit I will start slow with making a shirt and see how it goes! 

I found an awesome vintage shirt pattern for men that will be my first men's garment! 

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